A verified, reproducible and renewable source of positive/negative controls

Finding a reliable and verified source of positive/negative controls for IHC experiments can often be challenging, particularly when screening for new antibodies whose staining characteristics in IHC is not known or when developing new IHC protocols for novel targets whose expression pattern is unknown.

CytoSections offer a verified, reproducible and renewable source of positive/negative controls for IHC experiments where the target protein is expressed in human HEK293T cells. The expression of the target biomarkers have been confirmed for accuracy and specificity by an immunoassay.

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  • Ready-to-use FFPE sections of cell pellets over-expressing targeted biomarkers
  • Target expression verified by western blot
  • Genome wide targets available for both positive and negative controls (human and mouse)
  • All proteins tagged at the c-terminal with myc-DDK
  • Custom options available in pellet composition and density.
  • Controls for all IHC experiments to run alongside your samples
  • Monitor the performance of everyday IHC workflows
  • Reliable reference standards for multicenter studies
  • Develop custom multiplex assays for sensitivity and specificity
  • Screen & set standards for sensitivity and specificity of your antibodies across different lots

The slides are provided unbaked and it is recommended that you bake the control slides(s) according to your standard laboratory operating protocol. This is to ensure uniform staining and prevent variation that may arise from differences in equipment, technology, and protocols that vary from lab to lab.

CytoSections are not guaranteed for other markers that may or may not be represented on the control tissue slide. Antibody screens or stains are only meant to be used for research use only. Final decision on antibody screen or staining of tissue should be based on stain, or antibody manufacturer data sheets and input from a pathologist.