XerumFree™ Medium Supplement

Culture cells in vitro without the use of serum, animal or human-derived compounds

Primary cell culture represents the core of the cell culture world. As well as generating new cell lines, primary cultures are also vital tools in drug discovery and development, regenerative medicine and fundamental research. Mimicking the in vivo conditions as closely as possible is key to successful primary culture and can only be achieved in defined cell culture conditions that allow for full control of the supply of nutrients and growth factors.

AMSBIO supplies XerumFree™, a fully defined, animal-component free cell culture supplement to support your cell culture research.


Cell types

Examples of cells which have successfully been cultured on XerumFree™ enriched media:

  • Liver epithelial cells
  • Primary human hepatocytes
  • VERO
  • CHO
  • HeLa
  • HaCaT
  • Hybridoma
  • HEK293
  • HEPG2
  • Human keratinocytes

Evaluation of growth in serum-supplemented versus XerumFree™-supplemented medium

MediumSeeding Cell Density (per cm2)Final Cell Density (per cm2)Cell Multiplication Index
Williams ME + 10% FBS20,000184,0009.20
Williams ME + 10% XFTM20,000197,0009.85

Fig. 1 This study compares the growth dynamics of Vero cells fully adapted to serum-free growth in XerumFree™ - supplemented medium against those of the parental line growing on FBS-supplemented medium. The results are from a 6 day culture period in T25 flasks.

Growth curves of human fibroblasts in 10% FBS vs XerumFree