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Uncoated ELISA Kits

A cost-effective alternative to pre-coated ELISA kit

Our uncoated ELISA kits provide you with all the essential components necessary to establish your own customized ELISA systems. These kits include:

• Capture Antibody

• Biotinylated Detection Antibody

• HRP Conjugate

• Reference Standard

• Micro ELISA Pre-Plate

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Optimization of the ELISA systemFlexible PackagingMultiple targetsMultiple detection methodCost-effective
Both matched antibody pairs and Micro ELISA pre-Plate have been carefully screened and validated to save time and moneyYou can choose and meet the testing requirements of your different sample quantitiesOver 100 uncoated ELISA Kits in a variety of biological processes and sample typesYou can try different detection methods such as colorimetric, chemiluminescent and otherYou can flexibly adjust coating concentration and match your own buffer solution to save costs

ELISA Ancillary Reagent Kit

In addition to the above easy-to-use and flexible series of kits, we are also offering a 5-plate Ancillary Reagent Kit. It comes with all the single-component reagents required for the ELISA experiment such as:

• ELISA Plate Coating Buffer (5×)

• ELISA Plate Blocking Buffer

• Sample Diluent

• Biotinylated Antibody Diluent

• HRP-conjugate Diluent

• Wash Buffer for Sandwich-ELISA (25×)

• One-component TMB Substrate

• Stop Solution (5×)

• Plate Sealer

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