Fresh Tissues from our Biorepository

Our extensive biorepository houses a wide variety of fresh tissues, ready to serve as the primary source for isolating stem cells. We also have a collection of dissociated tumor cells, which are perfect for reprogramming into iPSCs.

  • Strict quality control measures
  • Ethically sourced and IRB-approved tissues
  • AMSBIO also offers a custom tissue procurement service to assist you in acquiring specific tissues for your investigations. Click below and contact us to find out more. 


Fresh biorepository tissue samples ready to be fixed and sectioned

Collagenases for Cell Isolation

Our Collagenase NB and Neutral Protease NB Enzymes are the perfect choice for isolating stem cells from primary sources, including tissues from our biorepository.

  • Provide reliable and gentle tissue dissociation with tissue specific protocols optimised for viable stem cell isolation.
  • Dependable batch-to-batch consistency.
  • Isolate high yields of viable cells.
  • Available in research grade, clinical grade, and animal-free options.

iPSC Reprogramming Kits

For researchers who want to generate their own iPSCs from specific donors or cell types, we provide reprogramming kits that contain all the necessary components and protocols. Additionally, we provide synthetic mRNA specifically designed for iPSC generation, catering to those who require mRNA alone.

NEW: Small Molecules

Small molecules are cell-permeable, organic compounds with low molecular weights, that can be used as tools to manipulate cell fates via the targeting of signalling pathways. This makes small molecules extremely useful in stem cell and regenerative medicine research. Our diverse range of small molecules, including forskolin, sodium butyrate, thiazovivin, and ALK5-Inhibitor (RepSox) can be used to reprogramme cells into iPSCs.

Explore our range of small molecules, and advance your life science research today!

Ready-To-Use iPSCs

For researchers who need a convenient and reliable source of iPSCs, AMSBIO also carries a comprehensive selection of iPSC lines.

  • Meticulously characterised and validated to ensure their pluripotency, genetic stability, and differentiation potential.
  • iPSCs are derived from ethically obtained sources, ensuring that their use complies with stringent guidelines and regulations.
  • Our iPSCs are fully reprogrammed and ready to be differentiated making them a versatile tool for research and clinical applications. 

Custom iPSC Generation Service

AMSBIO offers a custom iPSC service where we can generate iPSCs specific to your needs. Our service allows you to obtain iPSCs derived from your desired cell type, disease model, or genetic background. Contact us to find out more about our custom iPSC generation service.