TrueORF® cDNA Clones

Ready-to-use tagged cDNA clones

TrueORF® cDNA clones enable the expression of the encoded transcript as C-terminally tagged protein with Myc and FLAG® epitopes. They facilitate multiple applications that utilize an anti-tag antibody, such as protein expression, protein purification and subcellular localization.

Product CodePS100001PS100010PS100064PS100071
Fusion TagC-terminal Myc-DDKC-terminal tGFPC-terminal Myc-DDKC-terminal mGFP
Vector Map
ApplicationDetection and purification of over-expressed proteinTracking the over-expressed protein in transfected cells Detection and purification of over-expressed protein in hard-to-transfect cells Tracking the over-expressed protein in transfected cells
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TrueORF® Gold

TrueORF® Gold is collection of premium cDNA clones that have passed the ultimate tests: sequence verification and protein expression validation. Why settle for clones with little validation or wait for gene-synthesis? Get a TrueORF® Gold clone and start your experiment immediately.


  • Tested individually by Western blot
  • Sequence verified
  • Transfection ready
  • Easily shuttled into over 60 vectors