FACSmax Cell Dissociation Solution

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SKU T200100
Size 1 x 100 ml
Alternate SKU AMS.T200100
Storage - 80C
Shipping Temp Dry Ice
Supplier Name Genlantis

A gradient border model for cell fate decisions at the neural plate border. (2022)

Product Code: T200100, T200110, AMS.T200100
Author List: Thiery, A., Buzzi, A. L., Hamrud, E., Cheshire, C., Luscombe, N., Briscoe, J., & Streit, A.
Journal: bioRxiv

Single cell transcriptome profiling of the human developing spinal cord reveals a conserved genetic programme with human specific features. (2021)

Product Code: T200100
Author List: Rayon, T., Maizels, R. J., Barrington, C., & Briscoe, J.
Journal: bioRxiv

The migratory pathways of the cells that form the endocardium, dorsal aortae, and head vasculature in the mouse embryo (2021)

Product Code: T200100
Author List: Collart, C., Ciccarelli, A., Ivanovitch, K., Rosewell, I., Kumar, S., Kelly, G., ... & Smith, J. C.
Journal: BMC developmental biology,

FGFR3 is a positive regulator of osteoblast expansion and differentiation during zebrafish skull vault development (2020)

Product Code: AMS.T200100, AMS.T200110, T200100, T200110
Author List: Emilie Dambroise1* , Ivan Ktorza1 , Alessandro Brombin2-3 , Ghaith Abdessalem4 , Joanne Edouard5-6 , Marine Luka4 , Imke Fiedler7 , Olivia Binder1 , Olivier Pelle8 , E. Elizabeth Patton2-3 , Björn Busse7 , Mickaël Menager4 , Frederic Sohm5-9 , Laurence Legeai-Mallet1*
Journal: bioRxiv 

Functionally Distinct Subgroups of Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells Integrate Neural Activity and Execute Myelin Formation (2020)

Product Code: AMS.T200100, AMS.T200110, T200100, T200110
Author List: Tobias Hoche, Roberta Marisca, Eneritz Agirre, Laura Jane Hoodless, Wenke Barkey, Franziska Auer, Gonçalo Castelo-Branco,Tim Czopka
Journal: Nature Neuroscience

Ventricular, atrial and outflow tract heart progenitors arise from spatially and molecularly distinct regions of the primitive streak (2020)

Product Code: T200100, T200110
Author List: Kenzo Ivanovitch, Pablo Soro-Barrio, Probir Chakravarty, Rebecca A Jones, S.Neda Mousavy Gharavy, Despina Stamataki, Julien Delile, James C. Smith, James Briscoe
Journal: bioRxiv

Recombinant Ganoderma lucidum Immunomodulatory Protein Improves the Treatment for Chemotherapy-Induced Neutropenia (2020)

Product Code: T200100, T200110
Author List: Xinhua Lei, Chenyang Zhi, Wei Huang, Xilin Sun,Weiyang Gao, Xue Yin, Xin Zhang, Chongyang Liang, Haoran Zhang, and Fei Sun
Journal: Front Pharmacol.

Ioxynil and diethylstilbestrol disrupt vascular and heart development in zebrafish (2019)

Product Code: T200100
Author List: Li, Y. F., Canário, A. V., Power, D. M., & Campinho, M. A.
Journal: Environment International, 124, 511-520

Enhanced functional integration of human photoreceptor precursors into human and rodent retina in an ex vivo retinal explant model system (2015)

Product Code: T200100,T200110
Author List: Yanai, A., Laver, C. R., Gregory-Evans, C. Y., Liu, R. R., & Gregory-Evans, K.
Journal: Tissue Engineering Part A, 21(11-12), 1763-1771

Biochemical evaluation of virtual screening methods reveals a cell-active inhibitor of the cancer-promoting phosphatases of regenerating liver (2014)

Product Code: T200100, T200110
Author List: Hoeger, B., Diether, M., Ballester, P. J., & Köhn, M.
Journal: European journal of medicinal chemistry, 88, 89-100

Rip3 knockdown rescues photoreceptor cell death in blind pde6c zebrafish (2014)

Product Code: T200100, T200110
Author List: Viringipurampeer, I. A., Shan, X., Gregory-Evans, K., Zhang, J. P., Mohammadi, Z., & Gregory-Evans, C. Y.
Journal: Cell Death & Differentiation, 21(5), 665-675

Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) of fluorescently tagged cells from zebrafish larvae for RNA isolation (2012)

Product Code: T200100,T200110
Author List: Manoli, M., & Driever, W.
Journal: Cold Spring Harb Protoc, 2012(8)

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