Efficient degradation of yeast cell walls

The digestion of fungal and yeast cell walls is a necessary part of the protocol for many experimental procedures including immunofluorescence, transformation, protein purification and spheroplasting. To achieve this digestion, lytic enzymes such as Zymolyase are routinely used.

AMSBIO offers Zymolyase, produced by a submerged culture of Arthrobacter luteus1, which has an effective lytic activity against cell walls of viable yeast cells2,3  to produce protoplast or spheroplast of various strains of yeast cells. An essential enzyme for the lytic activity of Zymolyase is β-1,3-glucan laminaripentaohydrolase. It hydrolyzes linear glucose polymers at β -1,3-linkages and releases specifically laminaripentaose as the main and minimum product unit4,5,10,11.