SoluLyse™ Bacterial Protein Extraction Reagent

Efficient extraction of proteins from bacterial cells

The SoluLyse™ Protein Extraction Reagent provides a highly efficient yet gentle method for extracting proteins from bacterial cells. This reagent is a unique formulation of nonionic detergents that is optimized for the most efficient extraction of soluble proteins from bacterial cells. It allows for the perforation of bacterial cell walls without denaturing proteins. The unique, mild formulation of SoluLyse™ offers minimized interference with the binding and elution processes and ensures superior purification results.

Comparison with Other Protein Extraction Reagents

Side-by-side comparisons between SoluLyse™ and another leading commercial lysis reagent showed that SoluLyse™ yields about 10-fold more soluble proteins. In addition, SoluLyse™ does not compromise protein activities in cell lysates.