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Monoclonal Antibody Service

Highly specific, high quality antibodies, custom antibody service

AMSBIO is a leading provider of both off the shelf and custom antibodies. We have completed thousands of projects for industry and academia in the last 20 years.

We offer a thorough and high quality service for the generation of custom monoclonal antibodies specific to your target antigen. Simply provide us with your target sequence and we will produce monoclonal antibodies with a high-specificity and high-affinity.

Our Services

              • Free peptide design
              • Free Western blot screening for protein antigen
              • Immunization of 5 Balb/c mice
              • Guaranteed IgG isotype
              • Fusion of spleen cells with SP2/0 myeloma cells
              • Progress tracking
              • ELISA screening for up to 3000 clones
              • ELISA positive guaranteed or your money back

PHASE 1: Immunization & ELISA evaluation

              • Immunization and boosts of 5 Balb/c mice with standard immunization protocol
              • ELISA evaluation of titer prior to selection for fusion
              • Approximately 3-4 mg protein immunogen or 3mg conjugated peptide immunogen and 1mg free peptide are required
              • Estimated time: ~8-10 weeks

PHASE 2: Hybridoma fusion & screening of specific clones

              • Once an acceptable titer is obtained, hybridoma fusion will be done using splenocytes from the mouse with the best titer and myeloma cells
              • Supernatants from the growing hybridoma wells will be screened by ELISA. Supernatant from 10 different ELISA positive clones will be sent to the customer's lab for evaluation
              • Estimated time: ~4-5 weeks

PHASE 3: Subcloning

              • Two of these ten clones selected by the customer will be subcloned by limiting dilution, isotyped, and the cell line will be shipped to the customer
              • Estimated time ~6-8 weeks

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