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Spatial biology transcriptomics and proteomics service

Explore the spatial context of proteins and RNA within your sample through our Spatial Biology Profiling Custom Service. Access our extensive in-house biorepository, benefit from specialized histology services, or provide your own samples. Choose from advanced spatial biology technologies and make use of our NGS data analysis experts provide meaningful insights. Our team are here to offer expert guidance at every step, and help you elevate your research with precision and innovation.

Spatial Biology Profiling

Spatial biology profiling seamlessly integrates spatial and molecular profiling technologies, enabling the simultaneous examination of the spatial distribution of RNA and proteins within tissues. By combining high plex protein, whole transcriptome, and morphology data within a single tissue section, this technique provides comprehensive insights. The multiomic data is a key tool for unravelling tissue heterogeneity, understanding cellular responses, identifying biomarkers, and profiling distinct biological compartments. As a result, spatial biology profiling has emerged as a crucial tool in the growing field of spatial biology, for addressing complex biological questions and facilitating groundbreaking discoveries.

AMSBIO provides an end-to-end customizable process, starting from in-house tissue selection to expert-guided data analysis. Choose between 10x Visium®, NanoString GeoMx® DSP, and 10x Xenium® Analyzer with guidance from our in-house spatial biology expert to tailor the approach to your specific research needs. Utilize our in-house NGS data analysts to extract meaningful insights from the results, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your research outcomes.

Select your tissues samples from our extensive biorepository and benefit from our histology services, or send up your own.

Collaborate with a specialized spatial biology scientist to choose between 10x Visium®, NanoString GeoMx® DSP, and 10x Xenium® Analyzer to select the ideal solution for your research targets.

Our in-house specialists will customize your selected spatial process to meet your research needs, ensuring we deliver the most accurate results possible.

NanoString GeoMx® DSP

Merging spatial and molecular profiling technologies, the NanoString GeoMx® DSP allows you to simultaneously capture whole transcriptomes and profiling data for hundreds of validated protein analytes across 12 tissue slides daily. NanoString GeoMx® DSP ensures reliable and quantitative tissue assessment through its flexible, nondestructive, high-plex, and high-throughput spatial solution. The Whole Transcriptome Atlas, coupled with a diverse catalogue of validated protein assays, accommodates any target and allows you to explore new research questions. Employ flexible region of interest strategies for in-depth exploration of true biology in any region, with sample type flexibility: including FFPE, TMAs, and fresh frozen, without DV200 value prequalification.

10x Visium®

10X Visium® is an innovative spatial profiling technology designed for in-depth sample analysis. This platform allows for thorough sample assessment by analysing protein, total mRNA, and morphology in the same tissue section, providing comprehensive insights into expression and cellular structure. Its versatility spans various sample types, including formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) and fresh-frozen tissues, making it adaptable to diverse research needs. 10X Visium® empowers researchers to explore spatial biology with precision and efficiency, unlocking valuable insights into biological questions.

10x Xenium® Analyzer

10x Xenium®'s targeted high-plex in situ analysis allows scientists to explore samples with unprecedented subcellular resolution, profiling thousands of targets in their spatial context. As a powerful tool alongside 10x Visium®, 10x Xenium® offers an end-to-end solution for visualizing, quantifying, and analysing gene expression and proteins in fresh frozen and FFPE-preserved tissue sections. With a diverse range of gene panels, including customizable options, as well as the 10x Xenium® Analyzer for high-throughput analysis, you can gain valuable insights into your genes of interest. The platform also offers access to experts for technical support and consultations, ensuring you maximize the potential of your research.

NanoString GeoMx® DSP, 10x Visium®, or 10x Xenium® Analyzer?

NanoString GeoMx® DSP10x Visium®10x Xenium® Analyzer
Tissue typeFFPE, Fresh Frozen, Fixed Frozen, TMA✓ ✓ ✓ ✓✓ ✓ ✓ X✓ ✓ X X
Prequalification necessaryXX
FormatBlocks, or standard slides (freshly cut)Blocks, glass slides, or custom 10x slidesBlocks or 10x custom slides
Size Up to 40 x 17 mmFF: 6.5 x 6.5 mm (4 per slide) FFPE: 6.5 x 6.5 mm or 11 x 11 mm (2 per slide)Up to 12 x 24 mm
ChemistryHybridizationPoly(A) enrichmentHybridization
RegionSpecified by userWhole gridded tissue sectionSpecified by user
Resolution600 μm to single cellSpot size = 55 μm, 1-10 cells/spot Subcellular
VisualisationImmunofluorescenceX✓ (Post-Xenium processing)
H&EX✓ (Post-Xenium processing)
Four-color fluorescenceXX
DataDownstream analysisR packagesLoupe Browser Visualization Software Xenium Browser Visualisation Software

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