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AMSBIO offers a range of cancer cell based assays and high quality cell-based assay services that can be tailored to your specific research needs. Our dedicated team of experts along with our broad range of services makes it easy to:

  • Screen for inhibitors/targets
  • Select from IC50/EC50 determination and single point concentrations
  • Receive data within days of compound submission
  • Perform follow-up studies using the same proteins manufactured in-house
  • Get questions answered or project guidance in a time-efficient manner

Phosphodiesterase Screening & Profiling

There is a vast array of pharmacological applications for PDE inhibition. Inhibition of this enzyme has been used to treat a wide variety of disorders such as asthma, COPD, schizophrenia, and malaria.

Accelerate your drug discovery program with our cell-based PDE screening and profiling services.

Available cell lines:


Cell Signaling

We offer rapid and dependable cell signalling pathway screening services of small molecules, peptides and antibodies against requested targets by IC50 or EC50 determination.

Cell-based & biochemical assays:

ARE Reporter (Nrf2 antioxidant pathway)NFAT ReporterRARγ Reporter
Gli Reporter (Hedgehog Pathway) (EC50 or IC50)Notch1/CSL Reporter (Notch signaling pathway)SBE Reporter (TGF/SMAD signaling pathway) (EC50 or IC50)
ISRE Reporter (JAK Pathway) (EC50 or IC50)Myc Reporter (Myc signaling pathway)SRE Reporter (ERK pathway) (EC50 or IC50)
kRas (G12C)RARα reporterTEAD Reporter (Hippo pathway)
NF-κB reporterRARβ reporterTCF/LEF Reporter (Wnt Signaling, Lithium Chloride Dependent) (EC50 or IC50)

Immunotherapy Screening & Profiling

AMSBIO offers quality immunotherapy screening services of small molecules, peptides, and antibodies against requested targets by IC50 determination.

Cell-based assays:


CAR-T Cell Research

With our expertise in monoclonal antibody development (rabbit and mouse), we can help you design, plan and execute your CAR-T study, whether you are in the preclinical, clinical or proof of concept stage.

Tumor Cell Proliferation

We provide tumor cell proliferation assay services to help determine the IC50 values of your compounds of interest in whole cell assays. We offer over 20 different normal and tumor cell lines for cell screening and proliferation assays.

Cell lineSpeciesHistology
A-549HumanLung carcinoma
BT-474HumanBreast adenocarcinoma
MCF-7HumanBreast adenocarcinoma
MDA-MB-231HumanBreast adenocarcinoma
MDA-MB-468HumanBreast adenocarcinoma
SK-BR-3HumanBreast adenocarcinoma
A2780HumanOvarian carcinoma
NIH:OVCAR-3HumanOvarian carcinoma
SK-OV-3HumanOvarian carcinoma
MIA PaCa-2HumanPancreatic carcinoma
BxPC-3HumanPancreatic carcinoma
PANC-1HumanPancreatic carcinoma
UTSCC5HumanSquamous cell carcinoma
UTSCC8HumanSquamous cell carcinoma
UTSCC9HumanSquamous cell carcinoma
UTSCC10HumanSquamous cell carcinoma
UTSCC14HumanSquamous cell carcinoma
UTSCC16AHumanSquamous cell carcinoma
UTSCC16BHumanSquamous cell carcinoma
UTSCC24AHumanSquamous cell carcinoma
HeLaHumanCervical adenocarcinoma
HepG2HumanHepatocellular carcinoma
JurkatHumanAcute T-cell leukemia
HCT116HumanColorectal carcinoma


In partnership with ScreenIn3D, AMSBIO provides next-generation, high quality screening services that help drug developers to validate the effectiveness of their compounds and treatment on physiologically relevant, preclinical in vitro models of disease. Our unique ex vivo microfluidic platform offers advanced and customisable drug screening assays using primary cells and human tissue in a 3D environment.

Our assays:

3D co-cultures

We can offer the opportunity to study the effect of drugs on various cell types as well as their interactions in a 3D microenvironment.

Patient-derived tissue generally contains several cell types, such as cancer cells, stromal cells, endothelial cells and immune infiltrate. Our technology allows the generation of multicellular spheroids which contain tumor cells and stromal cells, as well as various immune cells. This provides a highly relevant platform for your early to late stage drug development and profiling projects.

Single & combination compound screening

We can monitor the efficacy of your compounds tested in isolation or in combination in a cost-effective manner on arrays of spheroids.

We can assess the efficacy of your compound in vitro mimicking clinical protocols, giving you confidence to progress to in vivo studies. Combinations of several agents have been a hallmark of chemotherapy. We are able to provide multiple formats for testing combinations of two or more agents.


We will work with you to develop the assay that you need.

The composition of the multicellular structures can be varied over time, sequentially adding cells at any point during the experiment. By testing drugs on spheroids consisting of many cell types, the effect of your molecule on all cell types of interest can be examined in a physiologically relevant 3D microenvironment. Our microfluidic platform facilitates extended periods of culture, offering the ability to create bespoke drug testing regimens to a large number of spheroids simultaneously.

Chemo-radio combination studies

We can monitor the efficacy of your compounds tested in combination with radiotherapy.

Radio-chemotherapy combination treatment is the current standard of care for a range of cancer types to reduce tumour size and metastasis. We can provide X-ray irradiation to multicellular tumour spheroids, either alone or in combination with commonly used adjuvant chemotherapy and your compound of interest.

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