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Lentivirus For cDNA Over-Expression Request Form

1. Gene accession number (mRNA NCBI reference):
Can you provide the DNA gene template (along with its coding sequence) for sub-cloning?
2. Please select the promoter you would prefer for the gene:
Please, specify:
* Our optional tetracycline inducible promoter can be used for high constitutive expression without any induction. The inducible expression is just an optional feature when a repressor is present in advance. Further information here.
3. Do you need a tag (6His-tag, HA, Myc, V5, GFP, RFP, CFP...)?
Please, specify the tag you prefer:
Please, specify the tag you prefer:
4. Please select the marker you prefer:
5. What quantity of virus do you require (Titer should be around 1.106-7 IFU/ml)?
Additional requirements or comments (Virus concentrated in PBS, mutagenesis, negative control, bicistronic expression etc.) :
Date/Time of Request:20/11/2017 02:24:22
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Although our lentiviral vectors contain all necessary bio-safety features, work with lentiviruses should be carried out under Biological Safety Level 2 (BL2) or higher. Please conduct a thorough risk assessment for your project and contact your health and safety facilities for local guidelines and regulations.
For further information, please visit or email
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