Integrase Deficient Lentivirus

For transient gene expression in dividing cells

Integrase-deficient lentivirus (IDLV) are derived from regular integrating lentivirus but have mutations in the lentiviral integrase protein. Without the help of integrase, the proviral DNA cannot insert into the host cell genome so instead exist as non-replicating episomes in transduced cells. AMSBIO can produce integrase-deficient lentivirus' for transient gene expression of your target gene in dividing cells. This overcomes the risk of insertional mutagenesis so it's an invaluable tool for the clinical application of gene therapy with lentivirus.

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Integrase Deficient Lentivirus Construction

          • Non-integrative lentiviral vector derived from HIV-1 with a class 1 integrase (IN) mutation (replacement of the 262RRK motif by AAH)
          • Either you provide target templates or we synthesize or obtain it from a cDNA collection
          • You can choose the promoter, a tag, a selection marker and a fluorescent marker
          • We construct the integrase-deficient lentiviral transfer plasmids and generate ready-to-use IDLV's with your target gene inserted


          • Reduce the risk of insertional mutagenesis
          • Transient gene expression in dividing cells and stable gene expression in non-dividing cells
          • Custom-tailored lentiviral transfer plasmid to fit each specific project
          • Gene therapy studies

Why use AMSBIO's lentiviral services?

          • Safe-to-use (self-inactivating) lentiviral particles can deliver your gene into a wide range of cell lines including non-dividing, primary or stem cells
          • Engineered in-house lentiviral vectors allow for highly efficient gene integration into the cell genome
          • You can choose to have an inducible or constitutive expression
          • High titer lentivirus that is monitored by a fluorescent protein (not fused with your target)
          • Our experts have years of experience in lentiviral cloning and expression
          • Fast turnaround time
          • The best price and the best quality in its class

Safety Precaution

Please note that although our lentiviral vectors contain all necessary bio-safety features, work with lentiviral particles should be carried out under Biological Safety Level 2 (BL2) or higher. Please conduct a thorough risk assessment for your project and contact your health and safety facilities for local guidelines and regulations.

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