Recombinant Human Turbo Dicer™ Enzyme Kit

Easily generate functional siRNAs

The Recombinant Human Turbo Dicer Enzyme Kit uses an ultra-active form of human recombinant dicer enzyme that can cleave more than 95% of dsRNA template into 22bp siRNAs within 2 hours under optimized reaction conditions. In contrast to individual synthetic siRNAs, the Turbo Dicer kit allows you to quickly produce multiple siRNA species against your target mRNA, and thereby achieve effective gene silencing with minimal guesswork.


  • Rapid 2 hour digestion of dsRNA in vitro
  • High yield of siRNA pool for multiple reactions
  • Effective and specific gene silencing
  • Wide range of accessory products and reagents
  • Ideal for use with GeneSilencer™ siRNA transfection reagent