NeuroPure Rat Neuronal Cells

Live ready-to-use neurons

AMSBIO offers NeuroPure Primary Rat Neurons, these are live ready-to-use neurons isolated from micro-surgically dissected regions of Sprague/Dawley rat. These neurons are prepared fresh each week and shipped in a nutrient rich medium that keeps the cells alive for up to 6 days under refrigeration.

Fig 1. Triple stained NeuroPure rat neurons after 21 days in culture. Neurofilaments (red) were immunostained with rabbit anti-neurofilament antibody and goat anti-rabbit AlexaFluor 568. Glial cells (green) were immunostained with a mouse anti-GFAP antibody AlexaFluor 488. DNA (blue) was stained with Hoechst 33258 (bis-benzamide). Top row: NeuroPure rat hippocampal cells. Bottom row: NeuroPure rat cortical cells.