NCYM Polyclonal Antibody

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This gene is transcribed in antisense to the v-myc avian myelocytomatosis viral oncogene neuroblastoma derived homolog gene (MYCN). It is thought to encode a small, novel protein that stabilizes MYCN, prevents apoptosis, and promotes cell proliferation. Transcripts at this locus may also act directly as functional RNAs to recruit transcriptional regulators to the promoter of MYCN and stimulate transcription of this oncogene. This gene therefore functions through both RNA and protein products.
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SKU AMS.BT-AP11738-100ul
Size 100 ul
Host species Rabbit
isotype IgG
Application WB, ELISA
Species reactivity Human, Mouse, Rat
Gene synonyms N-cym protein ;N-myc opposite strand
Storage -20C for 1 year