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Accelerate in vivo
    gene expression studies

Minicircle technology is the ideal option when you require sustained transgene expression without introducing any exogenous DNA sequences (e.g. for model animal and gene therapy development). Produced as small circular DNA fragments excised from a parental plasmid, the non-viral, episomal minicircle expression cassette is free of any bacterial plasmid DNA sequences that can lead to silencing, and comes with a variety of promoter and reporter combinations. Their small size facilitates more efficient transfection than what is possible with standard-sized plasmids. While minicircles do not replicate with the host cell, expression lasts for 14 days or longer in dividing cells, and can continue for months in non-dividing cells.

Our Services

    • High level expression system.
    • Competitive price.
    • Human cell line origin with full glycosylation.
    • Scale up to 500 litres.
    • Tag removal as requested
  • PHASE 1 : Cloning of your gene of interest into a vector with His-tag or IgG-Fc tag.

        • Sequencing confirmation of insert.
        • Small scale (5ml) transfection to test the expression level and optimization.
        • Estimated time: 3-4 weeks

    PHASE 2 : Large-scale transfection (500ml) of recombinant vector into HEK293 and protein expression, evaluation and optimization.

        • One litre of bacterial culture will be induced with IPTG and harvested for protein purification.
        • Protien purification from 500ml of HEK293 culture using affinity column of Ni-NTA or protein A (no tag cleavage service provided).
        • The yield ranks from 3-25mg per 500ml with an average of 5mg.
        • Estimated time: 2-3 weeks.

    Deliverables from phase 2:

    Protein and report including sequence confirmation, Western blot and SDS-PAGE result and design form.

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