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Keratan Sulfate

Antibodies & Standards for Structural Analysis

Keratan sulfate (KS) is a sulfated glycosaminoglycan composed of repeating disaccharide units, and exists as linear polysaccharide chains covalently linked to the protein core of proteoglycans. We offer varieties of keratan sulfate (KS) monoclonal antibodies and standards that are tested for use in ELISA, Immunofluorescence, Immunohistochemistry, Radioimmunoassay, and Western Blotting assays.

Keratan Sulfate monoclonal Antibodies

Anti-Keratan Sulfate

(Clone 5D4)

The mAb (clone: 5D4) recognises oversulfated heptasaccharide epitopes containing 6-sulfated galactose adjacent with 6-sulfated N-acetyl-glucosamine in oligosaccharide segments of KS GAG chains. It can be used in WB, ELISA, IHC, IP, and flow cytometry.

Anti-Keratan Sulfate

(Clone R-10G)

The mAb (clone R-10G) recognises KS lacking oversulfated structures in oligosaccharide segments of Keratan Sulfate glycosaminoglycan chains on hiPS cells. It can be used in western blot, and immunocytochemistry.

Anti-Keratan Sulfate

(Clone 373E1)

The mAb (clone: 373E1) can be used in western blot, ELISA, immunohistochemistry, immunoprecipitation, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry.

Keratan Sulfate Polysaccharides Standards

  • KS are key components of the corneal stroma participating in the regulation of the tissue architecture by interactions with fibrous collagen controlling the size and spatial arrangements of the mentioned fibrils indispensable for specific properties of cornea.
  • They take part in the nervous system metabolism also performing a considerable role in the tissue damage repair.

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