Knockout Lysate Proteins offered by AMS Biotechnology

Iso Gold Rapid Isotyping Kits

What's in your Monoclonal?

amsbio supplies the Iso-Gold Rapid Isotyping Kit the 5 minute lateral flow assay for monoclonal antibody class and subclass determination.

Iso-Gold kits provide a colour readout in 5 minutes producing a validated result of mouse monoclonal antibody isotope (IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, IgG3, IgA or IgM) and are now available with kappa and lambda light chains determination.

Isotyping Kit Comparison

CompanyFormat# of Tests per Kit# of wells needed per antibodyTest TimeSpecificsSensitivity
AMSBIORapid Lateral Flow10N/A5 min+ light chains10 ng/ml
AbD serotecLatex Lateral Flow (Roche)10N/A5-10 min+ light chainsnot listed
BDEIA80128 hr+ light chainsnot listed
BioRadEIA10088 hr+ light chainsnot listed
ClonaCell (EY Labs)Flow Through20N/A1 min - 3 stepsdoes not include IgA/not light chains1 ug/ml
Invitrogen (Zymed)EIA10088 hr+ light chains50 ng/ml
PierceEIA10088 hr+ light chainsnot listed
RocheLatex Lateral Flow10N/A5 min+ light chains50 ng/ml
Calbiochem (reagents to make EIA test)EIA10062 days, 10 platesMab isotypes /no light chains
Note: All of the EIA Test companies listed only provide materials to make your own kit.