The ganlioside and glycolipid antibodies can be used for immunoassay techniques such as: TLC, FC, ELISA, ICC and IHC.

Ganglioside and Glycolipid Antibodies

For Neuroscience and Glycbiology research

AMSBIO supplies a set of 17x monoclonal antibodies for glycolipid and ganglioside research, formerly available from Seikagaku. Glycolipids are lipids with a carbohydrate attached by a glycosidic bond, and are found on the outer surface of all eukaryotic cell membranes: they maintain stability of the membrane and help facilitate cellular recognition. Gangliosides are composed of a glycolipid with one or more sialic acids linked to the sugar chain; and are associated with the brain and nervous system.

Published for techniques including ELISA, histochemistry, Immuonofluorescence Cytochemistry, Flow Cytometry, and TLC (“Far Eastern”) blotting.