Our cell line controls combat issues experienced with traditional cell or tissue-based control specimens such as intra specimen variation, lot-to-lot variations and inconsistent biomolecule quality.

Our FFPE controls provide the most flexible cell-based products for immunohistochemistry (IHC), in situ hybridization (ISH) and NGS applications.

  • Proprietary manufacturing process: maintains cell morphology and preserves nucleic acids and proteins
  • High density but well-separated cells
  • Optimized tissue-processing protocol and storage conditions
  • Precision sectioning
  • Cross-block homogeneity: <5% cell number variation from beginning to end of each block
  • Single pellet slides, arrays, scrolls, and whole blocks available
  • Versatile customization available

Please see our FFPE Cell Line Controls presentation for more information.

Potential Applications


These slides are perfect controls for immunohistochemical applications. Cells are prepared by standard trypsinization or a proprietary trypsin-free method to best preserve cell surface antigens while inflicting minimal damage that leads to loss of biomarkers.

In situ hybridization

Nucleic acids are perfectly preserved in the cell pellets and are ready for DNA and RNA in situ hybridization (RNA ISH).

Featured Product - HER2 Control Array

This FFPE cell pellet array has a spectrum of HER2/ER/PR expression validated by the Ventana system, making it ideal for use as a slide control for breast cancer clinical testing. It is composed of 4x 2mm cores with each one being HER2 0, HER2 1+, HER2 2+, and HER2 3+. For further details, please refer to the datasheet.

Product Description Tissue Cell Line Datasheet Request Further Information
HER2 Control FFPE Cell Pellet Array Breast HER2-0+, HER2-1+, HER2-2+, HER2-3+ Download Datasheet Contact Us

Choose Your Tissue Type

Choose from the tissue types below to find the FFPE cell pellet slides suited to your needs. Contact us if you cannot find the tissue/cell line you are looking for.

Quality Control

Our FFPE cancer cell line controls are of the highest quality with the strict manufacturing process ensuring exceptional consistency between slides:

  • Strict passage control
  • Strictly controlled fixation
  • Optimized tissue processing protocol and storage conditions
  • Proprietary manufacturing process
  • High density but well-separated cells