ExoQuick® ULTRA

The purest and highest yielding extracellular vesicle isolation system

While many extracellular vesicle (EV) isolation methods require you to choose between high yields, easy protocols, clean preps, and low costs, ExoQuick ULTRA is able to deliver on all of these fronts for trade-off free EV preparation. From as little as 250 μL of serum or plasma and our ExoQuick ULTRA kit, you can isolate high-quality EVs for a wide range of downstream applications such as western blotting, mass spectrometry, NGS sequencing, exosome labeling, and in vivo/ex vivo exosome delivery.

Extracellular Vesicle Research


Important for intercellular communication in both normal physiology as well as disease states such as cancer, EV biology is a rapidly growing field. However, obtaining EVs for in vivo and ex vivo studies can be challenging.

Downsides of ultracentrifugation

Ultracentrifugation has been considered the gold standard for exosome isolation, but the method is time-consuming, requires large sample volume inputs and requires access to specialized equipment. Additionally, ultracentrifugation doesn’t isolate the cleanest exosome preparations it once was thought to produce. Other commercial kit methods are faster and easier than ultracentrifugation, but still include carryover protein that can cause over-estimation of EV amount and that can interfere with protein-sensitive studies such as mass spectrometry.

How to use ExoQuick ULTRA

ExoQuick ULTRA vs. Top Competitiors & Ultrcentrifugation