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Electrospun scaffolds

Electrospun Scaffolds

Mimetix® scaffolds for 3D cell culture

AMSBIO offers a custom service for electrospun fibres, designing and manufacturing these scaffolds in a wide variety of formats, morphologies, shapes and sizes. These scaffolds can be precisely engineered based on customer's choice of material, format, fibre diameter etc.

Our Service

The parameters of your custom scaffold are as follows:

  • Either synthetic or biological polymers can be used, tailor selected depending on mechanical properties required (stiffness, elasticity, degradation rate etc.)
  • Porosity is determined by fibre size and pore density
  • Scaffold thickness or complex shapes

The development process includes the following:

  • The extensive design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to develop bespoke electrospun scaffolds from a large variety of polymers and in custom formats
  • Electrospun scaffolds can be designed to mimic the extracellular matrix in terms of its architecture, chemical functionality and mechanical properties, therefore providing an ideal substrate for cell growth, differentiation and ultimately tissue repair
  • Materials can be manufactured into implantable medical devices, coatings to improve the acceptance of implants, or supports for implantation of autologous or allogeneic cells for reconstructive therapy.
  • Scaffolds can be made from FDA-approved polymers and formulated to degrade over a defined period in vivo or be used as carriers for therapeutic compounds
  • Bioactive compounds can be incorporated into the fibre structure for targeted release or modifying surface proteins
  • We can blend or co-spin various polymers, and can form complex nano-composite materials

The development process along with its documentation comply with ISO 13485 Quality Management System.

For our custom electrospun fibre projects, feasibility studies are often performed first where pricing for the project will change depending of the complexity of your custom project. We have the capacity to start custom project within 2-4 weeks once the project proposal has been agreed upon.

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