Human Tissue Procurement Service

Animal & Human Tissue Procurement

High quality human & animal tissues for all of your research needs

AMSBIO's custom tissue procurement service enables us to source those samples you need for your research which are not already available in our extensive biorepository, including a large representation of healthy, common and rare diseased tissues. We are affiliated with a large, robust clinical network, providing IRB-approved high quality biospecimens with clinical information based on your unique research requirements. The tissues can be prepared in the format best suited to your research including FFPE, fresh frozen, or frozen OCT blocks.

Having decades of experience in processing biological material, you can trust us to source and handle your products with the utmost care.

Our Services

Custom Collection

Mutation Analysis

  • Customized protocols
  • Matched sample sets
  • Specified donor inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Normal, cancer, and other disease states
  • Mutation specific single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)
  • Gene fusions and rearrangements
  • NGS analysis
  • Over-expression analysis

We offer a custom collection service, allowing us to acquire tissue samples according to your unique research requirements, if these samples are not already available in our large biorepository. We can tailor our search to specific donor demographic requests, tissue processing protocols, or matched sample set criteria.

Using our state of the art equipment we can identify mutation specific SNPs, fusions and rearrangements, and perform next-generation sequencing analyses on the tumor tissues of interests and identify over-expression. Mutation statuses we can provide include BRAF, PD-L1, EGFR, ALK Fusions, ROS, KRAS, and Her-2.

Tissue Processing

Molecular Extraction

  • FFPE slides, curls, and blocks
  • OCT frozen slides, curls, and blocks
  • Fresh frozen samples
  • H&E stained & unstained
  • Tissue microarrays
  • Genomic DNA
  • cDNA synthesized from extracted RNA
  • Total RNA
  • Total protein lysates

We can process our biospecimens into the format you require (FFPE, frozen, slides). We also provide a custom tissue microarray (TMA) service, either using your own samples or from samples available in our inventory or from custom collection.

Based on your needs, we can provide extraction of tissue-derived products (DNA, cDNA, total RNA or protein) from both FFPE and frozen samples, as well as carrying out custom analyses.

Want to use your own samples?

We also provide Histochemistry Services for processing, biomolecule extraction, staining and analysis

Ethical Regulations

  • Tissue specimens are collected under ethical regulations and in accordance with all applicable (local and international) laws
  • Clinical materials are obtained following official protocols, with appropriate Institutional Review Board/Independent Ethics Committee (IRB/IEC) approval
  • Donations are made under a voluntarily signed Informed Consent form
  • Specimens are delivered de-identified and de-linked from the original clinical records

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