Stem Cell Differentiation

Fast production of highly pure differentiated cells from your iPSCs

Our Stem Cell Differentiation Services produce high purity differentiating or terminally differentiated cells in as little as one week. Simply ship your cells to us and we will do all the work for you. Our service utilizes proprietary Quick-Tissue™ transcription factor-based stem cell differentiation, in order to produce highly pure cell populations without a genetic footprint. Fill out our request form and then our Custom Services Team will be in touch discuss your requirements.

Our Services

We provide stem cell differentiation services with the fastest turnaround times. Simply ship your live induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to us and receive differentiating or terminally differentiated cells in 1-2 weeks. The differentiation process produces homogenous cell cultures without a genetic footprint. Our service can be tailored to suit your needs so get in touch with our Custom Services Team today to discuss your requirements!


      • Differentiated cells in you preferred container (plates/flasks/cryopreserved in tubes)
      • Reagents required for maintenance (if cells are intended to be cultured long-term prior to characterization)

All samples are highly quality controlled to ensure cell viability and differentiation into the desired tissue type prior to shipment.

This service complements our range of iPSC-derived cells and differentiation kits. For more information, see here.


    • Quick turnaround time – receive your differentiated cells in 1-2 weeks
    • Receive highly pure cell populations without a genetic footprint
    • Service tailored to your needs
    • High level of quality control

Differentiated cell types available

      • Excitatory neurons
      • GABAergic neurons
      • Dopaminergic neurons
      • Cholinergic neurons

Stem Cell Differentiation Request Form

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