Custom Mammalian Protein Expression service offered by AMS Bio

Mammalian Protein Expression Service

Rapid expression of functional mammalian protein

AMSBIO offers a custom mammalian protein expression service, which utilizes a high-level expression system for the flexible production of recombinant proteins. Expression systems which utilize mammalian cells, allow for the production of functional mammalian proteins with suitable posttranslational modifications such as glycosylation, phosphorylation, and acetylation. Due to the maintenance of biological activity from these modifications, these proteins more closely resemble the native protein compared to proteins produced by prokaryotic expression systems. This makes the mammalian expression system a crucial system for the study of functions of proteins of interest.

Our Services

Our mammalian protein expression service consists of the following phases:

Small-scale expression studies

  • Cloning of your gene of interest into a vector with a tag or tag free
  • Sequencing confirmation of insert
  • Small scale (5ml) transfection to test the expression level and to quickly optimize the expression conditions of your service.

Expression scale-up

  • Large-scale transfection (500ml) of recombinant vector into HEK293 cells to enable protein expression, followed by thorough evaluation and optimization

Protein purification

  • Protein purification from 500ml of HEK293 culture
  • The yield ranges from 3-25mg per 500ml with an average of 5mg

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