Cell Free Protein Expression

AMSBIO offers a cell-free protein expression service, utilising the ALiCE® system. This service provides a demonstration that the system is well suited to expression of your protein of interest, facilitating an easy switch to expression using the ALiCE® kits. ALiCE® is a breakthrough eukaryotic cell-free protein expression system utilizing tobacco cell lysates, capable of yielding an unprecedented 3mg/ml. These outstanding yields are obtained in a single step coupled reaction, with the flexibility of use with 96 half well plates or scaling up to higher volumes.

Our Services

Phase 1- Feasibility study

  • Cloning & plasmid preparation
  • Expression
  • 1-step purification (final purity will differ between proteins)
  • Expression and purity assessed on SDS gel
  • 0.5mg delivered to customer for specific testing

Phase 2- Production of protein successful in feasibility study

  • Expression and 1-step purification

Cell Free Protein Expression

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