AMS offers custom baculovirus protein expression service

Custom Baculovirus Protein Expression

Fast and reliable protein expression from insect cells

AMSBIO offers a custom baculovirus protein expression service, which utilizes a high-level expression system for the fast production of high quality recombinant proteins. The baculovirus-insect cell protein expression system is a widely used system for the production of recombinant proteins, which have complete biological function and post-translational modifications. This flexible system is safe, reliable and scalable, and can accommodate large insert proteins, making it an attractive option for use in many research areas.

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AMSBIO's baculovirus protein expression service consists of two distinct phases:

Phase 1

  • Amplification/isolation of the gene of interest out of a customer-supplied vector and subcloning it into a transfer vector with His-tag
  • Sequence confirmation of insert
  • Transformation of E. coli with baculoviral DNA and gene of interest
  • Culture of E. coli and purification using mini-prep to produce bacmid (recombinant viral DNA)
  • Transfection of Sf9 insect cells with bacmid
  • Plaque purification and viral titer assay
  • Small-scale culture to test expression level

Phase 2

  • Virus stock preparation
  • Large-scale culture and infection of insect cells for protein expression
  • Purification from 1 liter of infected insect cells using affinity column of Ni-NTA or other column


Following completion of the service you will receive the following:

  • 5µg transfer vector
  • Bacmid
  • Recombinant virus
  • Protein
  • COA

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