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Bacterial Protein Expression

Rapid, scalable production of recombinant protein

Bacterial hosts are the most widely used expression system due to the simple culture conditions and extremely rapid production of recombinant proteins which is achieved through their use. This, combined with low production costs, leads to high scalability, making these systems an attractive option for the production of recombinant protein. AMSBIO offers a custom bacterial protein expression service for the efficient, protein production service, and cost-effective production of your proteins of interest.

Our Services

Our bacterial protein expression service consists of the following phases:

Cloning of your gene of interest into a bacterial expression vector with His-tag or other selected tag (such as GST, His, or Thioredoxin)

  • Amplification/isolation of the gene of interest out of a customer-supplied vector and subcloning it into a bacterial expression vector
  • Verification of the authenticity of the subcloned gene by restriction enzyme digest and sequencing
  • Transformation of recombinant constructs into a high efficiency expression bacterial strain
  • Mini-induction to over-express the target protein
  • Test for the expression of the recombinant protein by SDS-PAGE and/or western blot (customer must provide appropriate antibodies) if desired

Large-scale culture and purification

  • One liter of bacterial culture will be induced with IPTG and harvested for protein purification
  • Protein purification using Ni-NTA (for 6xHIS-tagged proteins) or glutathione (for GST-tagged proteins) beads at either native or denatured conditions
  • Solubility not guaranteed

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