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Protein Expression

Tailored solutions for the quick and consistent production of any protein

Producing large yields of high-quality protein is a time-consuming task. AMSBIO offers a range of custom services for the generation of recombinant proteins with high purity and high yields, providing you with tailored solutions for your research. Choosing a suitable protein expression system is the key to successful expression of recombinant proteins, with each system offering unique advantages for different applications. For this reason, we offer services for consistent and high quality recombinant protein expression in mammalian, bacterial and baculovirus expression systems.

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Mammalian Protein Expression

Achieve high yields of your desired recombinant proteins in a mammalian cell-based expression system: HEK293 or CHO-K1 cells

Bacterial Protein Expression

Efficient expression of your desired recombinant protein in a rapid and simple system

Baculovirus Protein Expression

Obtain high yields of functional protein with posttranslational modifications from baculovirus-infected insect cells

Cell Free Protein Expression

Achieve outstanding yields with this breakthrough eukaryotic cell-free protein expression system

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