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Custom Peptide Synthesis Services

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AMSBIO is a leading provider of high quality antibodies and peptides. We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing peptides and antibodies for both academic and industrial clients. Providing you with continuous communication and technical support throughout all stages of your project, we take your custom peptide and antibody objectives seriously, and endeavour to deliver complete satisfaction on every aspect of your chosen service.

Our Services

Peptide Synthesis

Synthetic peptides customizable to include a wide range of sizes, modifications & purities

Polyclonal Antibody Service

Fast & economical production of high quality polyclonal antibodies with lots of flexibility to suit your project needs

Phospho Polyclonal Antibody

Custom antibodies for specific detection of protein phosphorylation

Monoclonal Antibody Service

Custom monoclonal antibodies showing consistent quality & high specificity

Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody Service

Rapid mouse and rabbit monoclonal antibody development

Antibody Licensing Service

Looking to commercialize your monoclonal or polyclonal antibody?

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