Custom Cloning Services

Custom-made vectors tailored to your research needs

Vectors are a basic and extremely valuable genetic engineering tool allowing for the efficient delivery of genetic material into cells. AMSBIO can generate your custom expression vector by cloning your ORF, shRNA, or miRNA into a wide range of vectors. With many different vector options available, our vector cloning service will provide you with a tailor-made tool for the efficient delivery of your desired genetic material into cells.

Our Services

Our vector cloning service includes the following:

      • Cloning of your ORF, shRNA or miRNA into a wide range of vectors
      • Vectors tailored to your experimental needs
      • Additional services such as virus production available
      • Fast and efficient service

There are multiple vector options available including but not limited to: mammalian expression vectors, bacterial expression vectors, piggyback, protein expression vectors, CRISPR vectors, and Cre-Lox vectors.

Lentivirus, adenovirus and AAV vectors are also available, with the option of adding virus production services. Simply send us info on the vector, ORF, shRNA or miRNA you want to express along with any additional info, such as promoters, tags and markers. We will send you the vector design with additional service options.

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