Stable Cell Lines Development

High quality, cost-effective service to generate your over-expressing or knockdown cell lines

AMSBIO can generate your over-expressing or knockdown stable cell line development with the best quality and best price. We will install your target gene or shRNA into our lentivector, generate the lentivirus particle, infect the cell line you desire and select the clones that are constantly expressing your gene or shRNA at a high level. Our unique technology ensures a fast turnaround time with less than 2 months for each cell line creation. Cell lines are shipped as cryopreserved vials after validation of the target gene's integration.

Our Services

Stable Cell Line Construction

You choose a constitutive or inducible promoter, a tag, a selection marker and a fluorescent marker. Either you provide target templates or we design, synthesize or obtain it from a cDNA collection. We will then:

      • Clone your ORF or shRNA into our lentiviral vector
      • Generate lentivirus
      • Transduce the cell line of interest
      • Select the stably transduced, high expression cells
      • Validate the genomic integration of the target by genomic PCR
      • Validate the high-expression clone by Western Blot (if applicable)
      • Produce two cryogenic preserved vials of stable cells and a final report

Why use AMSBIO's stable cell line services?

  • Safe-to-use (self-inactivating) lentiviral particles can deliver your gene into a wide range of cell lines including non-dividing, primary or stem cells
  • Engineered in-house lentiviral vector for highly efficient gene integration into cell genome
  • You can choose to have an inducible or constitutive promoter
  • Our experts have years of experience in lentiviral cloning and expression
  • Fast turnaround time
  • The best price and the best quality in its class

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