NanoString Service

Gene expression service

Our NanoString service enables the fast and detailed analysis of the expression of mRNAs, miRNAs, DNA regions or proteins in the same sample, including challenging FFPE samples. Simply send us your sample and we will return a detailed gene expression report in as little as two weeks. Choose from predesigned gene panels or design your own.

Our Services

Ordering is easy- simply follow the steps below:

    • Select your gene panel: choose from one of our predesigned panels or design your own
    • Tell us about your samples: format (isolated RNA, FFPE, cell lysates etc.), number of samples, and species
    • Choose your level of data analysis: select from raw data or normalized, fold changes. Standalone NanoString Data Analysis is also available, to allow you to quickly see how your treatment groups correlate and to understand which genes significantly differ in expression levels
  • Benefits

    • Analyze the expression of up to 800 genes simultaneously
    • Compatible with cells, blood or FFPE samples
    • No amplification
    • Highly sensitive
    • Fast turnaround time
    • Technical replicates not needed so only small sample sizes required
    • Easy data interpretation

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