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Molecular biology products and related services are a crucial tool utilized in life sciences research. AMSBIO provides a range of high quality custom services to choose from, allowing us to deliver molecular biology products tailor-made to your research applications.

With years of experience in designing the best custom solutions to research questions, our molecular biology experts can be trusted to design and produce the tools you need in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our Services

Custom Magnetic Beads

Customizable for various sizes and surface features including coupling with fluorescent dyes, specific peptides, proteins or antibodies

CRISPR Gene Editing

A custom service to design and clone guide RNA and donor vectors for a range of genome editing applications

RNA & DNA synthetic standards

Synthesis of custom-designed long RNAs and DNAs for in vitro diagnostics

In vitro synthesized mRNA service

Simply provide us with the desired sequence data and we will synthesize your high quality synthetic RNA by in vitro transcription

Vector Cloning Service

Mammalian ORF & shRNA expression vectors, non-coding RNA expression vectors, protein expression vectors and many more

NanoString Service

Rapidly analyze the expression of up to 800 genes in your samples

Aptamer design and synthesis

For the generation of aptamers with high target-specific affinity using SELEX technology

Stable Cell Lines

High quality, cost-effective service to generate your over-expressing or knockdown cell line

Exosome Research Services

Comprehensive, end-to-end exosome services for exosome purification, characterization and engineering

Spatial Biology Service

Explore the spatial context of proteins and RNA within your sample, with expert guidance at every step

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