Custom Adenovirus Production Service offered by AMS Biotechnology

Custom Adenovirus Service

Tailor-made adenovirus-mediated gene delivery

Adenovirus is a non-enveloped virus that can be engineered to enable the efficient delivery of genes, shRNA, or miRNA into target cells. Adenovirus-mediated gene delivery is a valuable tool used in a range of research applications. AMSBIO provides a service to make ready-to-use adenovirus for any specific gene, shRNA or miRNA. We will sub-clone your selected genes into our adenovirus expression vectors and produce expression adenovirus for each gene.

Our Services

Over-expression adenovirus construction

You can choose the promoter and a tag.

Either you provide target templates or we synthesize or obtain it from a cDNA collection.

We construct the adenoviral clone and generate ready-to-use expression adenovirus. A high titer adenovirus service is also available.

Why use AMSBIO's adenoviral services?

              • 100% gene delivery in most cell types , ideal for hard-to-transfect cells
              • Non replicating and non integrating virus
              • Pre-made adenoviruses come pre-packaged & ready-to-transfect
              • Fully sequence-verified
              • Large packaging capacity (~8 kb)

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