Drug Screening Service

Evaluate lead compounds with our biochemical and cell-based screening services

Save time by letting us screen your compounds of interest against our unique assay panels or determine IC50 values with our portfolio of >200 assays so you can focus on advancing your drug discovery program.

Our biochemical-based screening services provide excellent tools to quickly identify potential therapeutics, predict potency, and narrow down a large pool of candidates to a much smaller one. However, these assays are not done in the context of live cells, and in the case of the immune checkpoint binding assays, they do not give any information on the functional result of the therapeutic intervention.

The cell-based screening service offers a more comprehensive view of the biological context and the resulting cellular responses, allowing for more informed decisions to be made about which compounds advance and which need to be cut out.

Screening Categories

      • Acetyltransferase
      • Apoptosis
      • Bromodomain
      • Cell Signaling Pathway
      • Cell Surface Receptor
      • Cholesterol
      • Demethylase
      • HDAC/Sirtuin
      • HSP90
      • Immunotherapy
      • Kinase
      • Luciferase Reporter
      • Metabolic Enzymes
      • Methyl-lysine Reader
      • Methyltransferase
      • PARP
      • PARP Trap
      • Phosphodiesterases
      • Protease
      • Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase
      • Pyruvate Kinase
      • Tumor Cell Proliferation
      • Ubiquitination

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