BioPORTER® Protein Delivery Reagent

Direct translocation of proteins into living cells

BioPORTER is a lipid-based protein delivery system that efficiently transports proteins into living cells. It is a unique cationic lipid mixture that interacts non-covalently with the protein, creating a protective vehicle for immediate protein delivery. BioPORTER makes studying protein functionality faster and easier than ever before by bypassing the traditional DNA transfection, transcription, and protein translation processes.

Easy-to-use System

Figure 2 shows the protocol for using BioPORTER. Simply add the protein solution to a tube containing a dry film of BioPORTER reagent, incubate for 5 minutes, add the serum free medium, and you are ready to apply the mixture to cells for protein delivery. It’s that easy.

Single Use or High Throughput: For maximum speed and convenience, use the new BioPORTER QuikEase™ Kit. Each QuikEase kit contains 96 single reaction size vials that are pre-coated with BioPORTER reagent. You can either separate each vial for single use or use the entire pack for high-throughput experiments. The BioPORTER QuikEase kit saves hours of time by eliminating the need to coat the BioPORTER® Reagent onto individual vials.

Applications using BioPORTER Protein Delivery Reagent

  • Apoptosis
  • Cell cycle control
  • Protein localization
  • Transcriptional regulation
  • Intracellular signal pathways
  • Peptide library screening
  • Expression monitoring
  • Protein complementation

Protein Functionality

When delivering proteins with BioPORTER protein delivery reagent there’s no fusion partner or covalent bond formation, allowing the translocated protein to remain functionally intact.

To demonstrate, active recombinant human caspase-3 and granzyme-B were delivered into Ki-Ras 267 β1 prostate cancer cells using BioPORTER. Figure 3 shows that both proteins are functionally active after delivery and can successfully induce apoptosis.

For studies in which protein functionality is key, such as apoptosis, cell cycle control, and protein complementation, BioPORTER has proven to be an easy and effective tool


The BioPORTER® Protein Delivery Reagent is shipped frozen. For maximum stability, store all reagents at -20°C upon receipt. BioPORTER® reagent is stable for 1 year when stored at the recommended temperature.


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