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We can:
  • Offer you a full consultation service to jump start your work in three dimensions.
  • Help you design and perform the most physiologically relevant experiments using state-of-the-art technology.
  • Assist you in deciding what are the best end-points to your scientific or clinical question.

Tailored Services

  • Innovative technology: We have exclusive knowledge and access to the latest 3D matrices and technologies.
  • Peace of mind: We will guide you through the decisions and help you choose the perfect solution.
  • Bespoke service: We can offer anything from a one-off consultation to running all the experiments in our dedicated facility.

Tailored Services 2


Natural 3D Culture Matrices:
  • Cultrex┬« 3D Basement Membrane Extract (BME), Collagen 1 & Laminin
  • Qualified for 3D morphology, polarity & proliferation.
  • Stem Cell Qualified matrices are also available for general application, including: Vitronectin and Fibronectin as well as laminin and BME from mouse.

Synthetic 3D Scaffold with Alvetex®:
  • Enables cells to maintain their natural in vivo shape, structure and function
  • Enhances cell viability and responsiveness to growth factors and therapeutic agents
  • Gold Standard for co-culture experiment.
  • Compatible with down stream applications e.g cell based assays, flow Cytometry nucleic acid extraction etc.

Recombinant Extracellular Matrices (ECMs):
  • Create your own biomimetic matrix
  • Ready-to-use aqeuous coating formulations that save time& money
  • Coats & adheres to glass, plastic & biological surfaces
  • Promotes cell plating efficiency, improved cell morphology & proliferation
  • GMP compliant available

High Throughput 3D Spheroid Cell Invasion Assay:
  • Integrating extracellular matrix into spheroid culture
  • Flexible, standardized, high-throughput format
  • 3D Culture Qualified 96-Well Spheroid Formation Plate
  • Specialized Matrices for Spheroid Formation & Invasion
  • More physiological approach for assessing tumor invasion

Alginate 3D Cell Culture Kit:
  • Avoid changes in matrix volumes during culture
  • Used to develop successful 3D cell culture systems for a range of different cell types including tumor cells and chondrocytes

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