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Stem Cell Sourceamsbio
stem cell source

Adult stem cells are isolated from donor foetal or adult tissue(s), whereas pluripotent stem cells can be isolated from the inner cell mass of the blastocyst, as with embryonic stem (ES) cells, or through nuclear reprogramming, as with induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.
To kick-start or complement your stem cell research, AMSBIO supplies quality tested ES cell lines, a large selection of adult stem cell lines and cutting-edge reprogramming reagents and primary cells to create custom iPS cells. Increase the reprogramming efficiency using small molecule stem cell modulators from AMSBIO.

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Stem Cell Growth and Culture amsbio
Stem cell growth

When culturing stem cells, the optimisation of growth conditions is important in order to retain and maintain phenotypic and biological activity . The medium composition and extracellular matrix on which stem cells are maintained are crucial to ensure the closest resemble to the in vivo niche.
AMSBIO provides high-quality reagents for pluripotent and adult stem cell growth and culture that ensure the potency, stability and integrity of stem cell lines , including products supporting xeno-free stem cell culture.
To optimize your stem cell culture conditions , AMSBIO offers a comprehensive selection of high quality recombinant proteins, growth factors, cytokines and the largest selection of extracellular matrices, including human and recombinant, supporting stem cell growth .

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Stem Cell Characterisation amsbio
stem cell characterisation
Exciting discoveries in stem cell research over the last decade have revolutionized modern biology. The ability of stem cells to self-renew and undergo differentiation in vitro has enabled drug discovery platforms and uncovered novel developmental pathways and disease states in man.
In 2006, Shinya Yamanaka redefined the origins of stem cells. It was found that any ordinary cell type, e.g. fibroblast, could be reprogrammed by four factors resulting into a pluripotent stem cell fate. The de-differentiation and nuclear reprogramming of a mature cell type reverting back to a stem cell fate was coined "induced pluripotency".
It has now been shown that a mature cell type can be directly reprogrammed into another mature cell type, eg. fibroblasts to cardiomyocytes, in a process called transdifferentiation .
Transdifferentiation is observed in vivo in a process called the epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT). The EMT has been found to be a key developmental program in the activation and progression of cancer, still the molecular mechanisms underlying EMT and regulation of stemness remains elusive.
Characterisation and modification reagents and tools play a central role in stem cell research discoveries. AMSBIO provides cutting-edge, high quality marker antibodies, a qPCR multiplex kit, qPCR PCR primers, cDNA and silencing RNAs for studying stem cell phenotype, induced pluripotency, transdifferentiation, direct reprogramming and the EMT shift .

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Stem Cell Differentiation amsbio
stem cell differentiation

Stem cells are unspecialized cells that are capable of dividing and renewing themselves for long periods of time and can differentiate into many specialized cell types. Differentiation of stem cells into the desired derivative represents a significant challenge. Ultimately, the goal is to produce robust and reliable stem cell differentiation processes that can be controlled within the laboratory .
AMSBIO offers the most extensive range of differentiation factors, media, kits and tools for 3D culture .

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Stem Cell Assays amsbio
stem cell assays

Stem cell assays provide a powerful resource for investigating stem cell biological activity within a controlled environment. Stem cells are intimately involved in regenerative processes and disease progression through modulation of angiogenesis, cell migration and cell invasion.
AMSBIO provides in vivo and in vitro Angiogenesis Assays, an extensive portfolio of Cell Migration and Cell Invasion assays, Cell Proliferation and Cell Adhesion assays and Stem Cells for Drug Discovery, in addition to robust and tested protocols and supporting reagents.

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Stem Cell Storage amsbio
stem cell storage

The demands of working with stem cells in the laboratory are much higher than those for non-stem cell cultured lines. Due to the labile nature of stem cells, it is crucial to provide harvesting and long-term storage conditions that maintain undifferentiated state , stable karyotype, high revival viability, ability to proliferate and differentiate.
Natural and recombinant stem cell harvesting reagents ensure gentle dissociation and the highest cell viability prior to cryopreservation . High quality and superior performing natural Collagenases and neutral protease for stem cell harvesting applications are available. Detachin TM Cell Detachment Solution, is an animal and bacteria free superior alternative to Trypsin/EDTA for gently dissociating adherent stem cells from in vitro growth vessels. Use FACSMax TM to effectively dissociate stem cell clumps prior to analysis. For working with 3D Culture systems, AMSBIO provides 3D cell harvesting kits.
AMSBIO provides the CELLBANKER TM series, an innovative cryopreservation product range, together to speciality cryopreservation agents designed for specific cell fates, that deliver superior performance in cold-storage .

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Whether your interests are in nuclear reprogramming , pluripotent or adult stem cells , our new catalog features six categories to easily guide you through our cutting-edge stem cell product offerings.

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