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Screening and Profiling

Break the bottlenecks! Let us take your project directly from gene cloning and protein production to functional analysis and target validation.
Whether for structure studies, functional assays, target validation or high throughput screens, AMSBIO´s custom services can meet all your outsourcing needs.

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Customized, reliable service
  • Quick turn-around times
  • Quality products and detailed reports
  • Affordable pricing


  • AMSBIO offers the widest commercial array of high quality recombinant enzymes for selectivity profiling and inhibitor screening. Determine the IC50/EC50 values of your compounds of interest with our unique panels of HDACs, PDEs, PARPs, and more. Select either ten-point dose response curves (IC50 analysis) or single concentration inhibition measurements. Our sensitive luminescent or fluorescence-based assays require only small amounts of test compounds.

    • Acetyltransferases
    • Bromodomains
    • Cell Surface Receptors
    • DNA Methyltransferases
    • Histone Deacetylases (HDACs/SIRTs)
    • Histone Demethylases
    • Histone Methyltransferases
    • HSP90
    • Immunotherapy
    • Kinases (Ser/Thr and Tyr)
    • Metabolic Enzymes
    • Methyl-lysine Readers
    • PARPs Tankyrases
    • PCSK9
    • PD-1
    • Phosphodiesterases (PDEs)
    • Proteases (Cathepsins, MMP2, Renin)
    • Tyrosine Phosphatases (PTPs)
    • Pyruvate Kinases
    • Sirtuin

    • Phosphodiesterases (PDEs)
    • Histone Deacetylases (HDACs)
    • Cell Signaling Pathways
    • Immunotherapy
    • Tumor Cell Proliferation Assays

    In addition to in vitro screening assays, we also offer cell-based assays to screen your inhibitors in whole cells. Amsbio uses recombinant cell lines and luciferase-based reporter systems for sensitive detection of pathway inhibition by your candidate compounds. Our cellular assays include HDAs, PDEs, or choose from one of our signalling pathway-specific reporter assays:
    • Hedgehog
    • Hippo
    • JAK/STAT
    • JNK
    • MAPK/ERK
    • Myc
    • NFkB
    • Notch
    • Nrf2 antioxidant
    • PI3K/AKT
    • RARα Nuclear Receptor
    • RARβ Nuclear Receptor
    • RARγ Nuclear Receptor
    • TGF/SMAD
    • Wnt/β-catenin

  • AMSBIO offers quantitative, fluorescent tumor cell proliferation assays that measure the ability of your drug compounds to inhibit the proliferation of selected cancer cell lines. We can determine the IC50 values of your compounds, or screen them against a panel of tumor cell lines. Ask for a free quote!

    Tumor cell lines available for immediate screening include as follows; additional cell lines available upon request.

    • MCF-7 (human breast)
    • MDA-MB-468 (human breast)
    • MDA-MB-231 (human breast)
    • SK-BR-3 (human breast)
    • HeLa (human epithelium)
    • HepG2 (human liver)
    • A-549 (human lung)
    • Jurkat (human T-cell)
    • PC-12 (rat adrenal)
    • BT-474 (human breast)
    • A2780 (human ovarian)
    • NIH:OVCAR-3 (human ovarian)
    • SK-OV-3 (human ovarian)
    • MIA PaCa-2 (human pancreatic)
    • BxPC-3 (human pancreatic)
    • PANC-1 (human pancreatic)
    • UTSCC5 (human squamous cell)
    • UTSCC8 (human squamous cell)
    • UTSCC9 (human squamous cell)
    • UTSCC10 (human squamous cell)
    • UTSCC14 (human squamous cell)
    • UTSCC16A (human squamous cell)
    • UTSCC16B (human squamous cell)
    • UTSCC24A (human squamous cell)
    • HCT116 (human Colon)

    BPS Graphic
    Inhibition of TNFα-induced NF-κB activity by the NF-κB inhibitor evodiamine, using the NF-kB reporter (Luc) - HEK293 Cell Line, Catalog # 60650.

    BPS Graphic
    Effect of the HER2 inhibitor Afatinib on human breast cancer cell SK-BR-3 proliferation.

    PARP Assay Measurement of the biotinylated poly (ADP-ribose) incorporation onto histone proteins.
    • Assay inhibitors and activators of PARP activity
    • Determination of IC50 values for PARP inhibitors
    PARG Assay Measurement of the loss of biotinylated PAR from histones
    • Identify inhibitors and activators of PARG activity
    • Determination of IC50 values for PARG inhibitors
    Pharmacodynamic PARP Assay Measurement of net PAR levels in cellular extracts and tumor lysates
    • Quantification of PAR in peripheral blood mononuclear cells, tissue culture cells, and tumor lysates from different tissues, organs, and xenografts
    • Monitoring the efficacy of PARP inhibitors on PAR formation in vivo
    • Facilitating development of PARP and PARG targeted therapeutics
    Cell Invasion and Migration Assay Analysis of responses to chemokines, toxins, drugs, and other analytes of interest Screening for compounds that influence cellular invasion through:
    • Extracellular matrices
    • Angiogenesis
    • Immune responses
    • Tumor cell metastasis
    Tankyrase Assay Identification of Tankyrase 1 (PARPSA) inhibitors Screening for compounds that inhibit Tankyrase 1 (PARPSA) and identification of IC50 values.

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