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Minicircle Service

Whether you need 250 µg or 10 mg of minicircles, we can deliver, with a typical end-to-end project taking as little as four weeks.

  • Access Minicircle Technology for research use with no licensing restrictions when ordering ready-to-use minicircle DNA through our production service
  • Leverage the minicircle platform for durable gene expression in your most demanding applications
  • Rest easy with your project in the hands of a team that routinely produces minicircles for large pharma partners

What are minicircles?

Produced as small circular DNA fragments after excision from a parental plasmid, the non-viral, episomal minicircle expression cassette is free of any bacterial plasmid DNA sequences that can lead to silencing, and comes with a variety of promoter and reporter combinations. Their small size facilitates more efficient transfection than what’s possible with standard-sized plasmids, and, while minicircles do not replicate with the host cell, expression lasts for 14 days or longer in dividing cells, and can continue for months in non-dividing cells.

Minicircle Construction

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