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Full Length Human Proteins

5,000 Purified Human Proteins expressed in HEK293 Cells

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Catalog # Description
TPxxxxxx Affinity purified full length human protein expressed in human HEK293 cells, 20 ug in liquid form

Powered by extensive collection of TrueORF human cDNA clones, we now offer 5,000 full length human proteins expressed in HEK293 cells and purified by affinity column.

  • The broadest offering of human proteins produced in human cells
  • Optimal preservation of protein structure, post-translational modifications and functions
  • >80% purity through affinity purification
  • Options for large scale production available.


  • Native antigens for optimized antibody production
  • Positive controls in antibody assays
  • Standards in ELISA and other assays
  • Protein-protein interaction
  • In vitro biochemical assays and cell-based functional assays
  • Heavy labeled protein as SRM/MRM standards New!

Recombinant Protein Overview >> click here to see the PDF

Comparison of different protein expression systems

Mammalian Yeast Insect cells E.coli
Protein folding and purification Optimal Poor Low Poor
Post-translational processing Yes Low Low No
Authenticity& Bioactivity Native and Active Poor Poor Very Poor

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