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Synthesis For DNA & RNA Standards

  • AMSBIO provides customized reference DNA and RNA for any chosen target sequence and with wide size range, up to several hundred nucleotides. You would only need to provide the target sequence and we would deliver the product, manufactured to 150 standards, including control steps and documemtation.



Positive Custom Controls for Development & Evaluation of in vitro Diagnostics Assay:
  • RNA Controls for Real-time PCR
  • DNA Controls for Real-time PCR
  • Custom RNA and DNA Standards synthesis of custom designed long RNA or DNA

  • Reference RNA and DNA for in vitro Diagnostics Internal control RNA (RNA isolation, reverse transcription, qPCR amplification/detection)
  • Positive control RNA

Choose Between:
  1. Research-grade IVT-RNAs and dsDNA products, manufactured in compliance with regulations of ISO13485
  2. GMP-grade IVT-RNAs, manufactured in compliance with regulations of FDA 21 CFR Part 820 (cGMP manufacturing)

Standard Sample Processing: RNA samples must meet our specifications (quality, quantity, and concentration):
  • DNase I treated
  • OD 260/230 > 2.0; OD 260/280 > 1.8
  • Concentration adjusted > 100 ng/μl or as suspension in ethanol
Please contact us and we will provide a special procedure and reagents for ethanol precipitation.

Optional: Gel image or Agilent Bioanalyzer (or BioRad Experion) RNA profile

Labelling Options:
  • Biotin-labelled antisense RNA
  • AminoAllyl-labelled antisense RNA
  • Cy-dye labelled RNA
Optional: Fragmented & Biotin-labelled SENSE DNA for ST Arrays (Gene Arrays and Exon Arrays)

Initial RNA Quality Control:

Initial control of your RNA upon arrival with the Agilent Bioanalyzer and the Nanodrop spectrophotometer and informed of the results of the initial quality control. Please note that we are not able to check for contaminations with genomic DNA, salts, phenol, or ethanol. The presence of these undetected contaminations can highly affect the labeling reaction.

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